The History of Bibs & Overalls

Do you remember when you were sitting upright in a highchair, playing with your mashed peas and carrots on a plastic table? You were probably wearing a bib at the time. Most parents agree that a bib only does a partial job of deflecting food from children’s clothes, but it does offer some protection.

After we’ve learn some dexterity with the fork and spoon, we don’t usually wear a bib again, perhaps until we’re tempted with lobster in a restaurant. Even then, most adult diners forgo the complimentary bib because they feel it makes them look silly.

But that wasn’t always the case                                                                               .

In 17th-Century Europe, when men and women were invited to dinner at a nobleman’s house, it was expected that they would take their own bibs to protect their clothing (dry cleaning was some years away).

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The bib, which eventually descended on the lap and was called a napkin, was tied around the man’s neck just before the first course. Women used the same cloth as men; however, they tucked one of the corners into the high necks of their blouses. A couple who went to a dinner party with their “best bib and tucker” were assured they would be socially acceptable for the evening.

As the custom spread throughout the social classes, eventually even the peasant farmer had a cloth bib.Image result for the history of bibs and overalls

When a man tried to tie it over his high-necked, thick ruffled shirt, he often had problems “making the ends meet,” a phrase that became associated with the problems of not enough money and too many expenses . Bib Aprons are known to be very effective in protecting your clothes when working. It is believed that aprons originally started by men taking pieces of cloth and tying them around their waist, to protect their outfits …

Bibs of many uses                                             

Currently many people believe that bibs are exclusively for small children.  However that is certainly not the case.  Much attention is given to Bibs for kids.get much of he attention. But bibs can serve the needs of many people.  Doctors and  Nurses use bibs in their medical practices.  Welders use heavy leather bibs to protect them from molten metal. Smokers can buy special bibs.

And stylish millenials find bandana bibs much to their liking.

Adult bib clothing protectors are made to look dignified and functional. They are made for  individuals that have special needs in home or in the community. The availabilty is limited only by your imagination.

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